1. I’m back! New post on www.layereddown.com !

    Anthropologie Tropicalia Pleated Maxi Dress, Thrifted Manolo Blahnik’s

  2. madteacup:

    Starting a new adventure today! Adventure is out there!

    Starting a new adventure today everyone! Posts coming soon! Adventure is out there!

  3. New blog post on www.layereddown.com

    - Layered Down

  4. Hi readers! This is NOT a joke click here to view American Apparel’s best sale of the year! up to 99% off  leads to $5 skirts, free shipping (orders over $50), and a closet full of American-made greatness. 

    They did this 2 years ago and I stocked up then. There are some great finds for men, women and kids! 

    But act fast! This is just for today only! 

    What will you be getting?

  5. New bog post on www.layereddown.com!

  6. New blog post on www.layereddown.com!

     Anthropologie Kittiwake Jumpsuit
     Anthropologie Fairburn Necklace

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    Via: Muse My Life Away

    Ready for Spring/Summer Whites inspiration from Anthropologie

    (Source: anthropologie)

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    Conscious Exclusive Lookbook

    Cannot Wait for H&M to launch the Conscious Collection

  9. what-do-i-wear:

    Mango March Lookbook

    Spring/Summer Inspiration

  10. Zara Dress, Juicy Couture Heels, Chanel Sunglasses